Our Performance

The range of products and services of CCM comprises the entire product generation process, staring from research and development, up to production. In this process we combine years of experience with innovative technology in order to develop solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

Research & Development

Together with our customers, we have developed components with specific project characteristics, as well as compressors optimized for specific applications for many years.

We lay the foundation stone for a successful implementation of the technical demands of our customers already at the conception stage, and we develop the final product for serial production within the following steps of functional development and design, detailed design and construction, and system integration.

Our product engineers implement your instructions and specifications in detail in order to create a perfectly working product. In doing so they do not only make use of state-of-the-art technology, but try to utilize the newest technologies available for product optimization, for example in the area of new materials and new technological manufacturing methods. Our cooperation with long-standing regional partners with the highest levels in research and development serves as a strong support in these activities.

CCM has an extensive range of equipment for internal testing and calibration at its disposal. This equipment is of tremendous help to us in validating the systems and components of our development projects, and of the serial production.


The production of high-quality compressors forms the core of our range of products and services. We have been a worldwide reliable partner in applications on streets and rails.

As specialists in supply-chain-management, logistics, and in the manufacturing of more than 300 different types of compressors, we provide our customers with a safe sourcing of their products. Our up-to-date manufacturing control system guarantees an in-time delivery of both smaller and bigger lots at any time.

Our experienced research and development team serve as a competent contact point for you and develop the appropriate component suitable for your application together with you.


The development and manufacturing of crankshafts is a central part of our range of products and services.

Built to be fitted to our own, in-house built compressors, or to be delivered to our customers. Our plant can manufacture standard sizes of almost all types of technical specifications, with lengths from 100mm up to 500mm. Furthermore, we can also offer the production of any special or custom-built type you would need, even if only required in in small numbers. We guarantee the fulfillment of quality and quantity requirements for the components in the modern production process by the utilization of high-end test-equipment for 3-D-measuring is as important part of our continuous production control.

Quality and Flexibility

Each single step in the manufacturing process with CCM is part of a thorough quality assurance, supported by regular audits.

The application of the strictest standards for quality, and absolute customer satisfaction belong to the core DNA of our company. We strive to offer competent, flexible and high-quality solutions to suit the needs and demands of our customers. In order to foster a proactive adaptation to the demands of the market, we constantly evaluate and optimize our performance, products, and services. Thus, CCM stands for cost-efficient and customer-oriented products and services. Quality – Made in Germany.


Please contact us. We would like to provide you with further information and quick and competent answers to your questions.

CCM – the successful combination of extreme flexibility with a wide range of type variants